Interfaith Federation
of Greater Baton Rouge

Delegate Responsibilities and Joys

Delegate Responsibilities and Joys


  • Serve as a liaison between the Federation and your congregation

  • Promote the activities of the Federation at your congregation through the use of newsletters, bulletins, Web site, bulletin board, announcements, personal invitation, etc.

  • Help recruit volunteers from your congregation for the Holy Grill, Kids Cafe, Interfaith Caregivers, Annual Prayer Breakfast, Sounds of Community, and other Federation projects

  • Attend the Federation Annual Meeting (at the end of the year) as a voting representative of your congregation

  • Attend other delegate information sessions (three or four times a year, including annual meeting)


  • Join others to pursue unity, justice, and peace

  • Meet wonderful people from different faith traditions

  • Provide your congregation with opportunities to serve the Greater Baton Rouge community