Interfaith Federation
of Greater Baton Rouge

Poverty Initiative -- What Can I Do?

What Can I Do?

At the 2010 Poverty Forum, Baton Rouge Mayor "Kip"Holden and other community leaders each shared five ways to work toward reducing the number of children living in poverty.   Participants were encouraged to choose five things to do within their realm of influence and sign a covenant (see here) to do these things in the coming year.

The plan is simple.

What if each of us committed to doing five things to reduce the number of children living in poverty?

Each of us has a unique realm of influence. Thus an elected official, a public school teacher, a grandmother, a CEO, or a teenager might have different opportunities; but each can make a difference.

Reducing the number of children who live in poverty will remain a lofty goal unless individuals -- you and me -- do what we can do.

Let us start today.

Let us name five things to do in the coming year to reduce the number of children living in poverty.

Five things.     One task for each finger on our hand.

Together we can make a difference.